Services & Specialties

Pelagos offers a full range of project/program management services to assist companies in managing new and existing projects. Using best practice techniques and methodologies, Pelagos helps organizations ensure that projects are delivered within existing constraints and that any impending project risks are addressed and effectively minimized.

Our project management services span the full project life-cycle and provide targeted services for project assurance, risk management or project planning.


  • Project Life-Cycle Development
  • Project Office Design
  • PM Governance
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Organization
  • Methodology/Process/Procedure/Roles & Responsibilities
    • Creation
    • Remediation
    • Testing
    • Implementation¬†
    • Documentation


  • IT Project Management - Need help getting your Software Development project or Infrastructure/Network projects completed as planned, on time, and within budget? We can help.
  • Business Intelligence Techniques - Finding yourself overwhelmed by the sheer amount of effort you are expending just to keep your small business above water? Why work so hard to get so little benefit? We are great at helping you exercise the 80/20 rule to focus your attention on that small percentage of tasks which actually makes your business profitable. We help you become business owners rather than employees. We do this by helping you illuminate pertinent points in past decision making which might benefit from remediation, then use the information discovered in this process to customize repeatable, and in some cases, automated, project management tools, processes, and documentation for use in future similar projects or tasks.¬†
  • Knowledge Transfer Facilitation - Have one or two employees that you live in fear of losing because no one else knows what they know? We are great at creating knowledge transfer plans that get that very valuable knowledge out of their heads and into a format that can be more easily shared.
  • Basic Training for New Computer Users - New to computers and just need some solid basics to get you started? Don't be shy. We all had to start somewhere. Let us help you get comfortable with basic computer skills. You'll be surfing the web, emailing, blogging, and using social networking sites in no time!¬†
  • Microsoft Office Training for New or Intermediate Users - New to Excel, PowerPoint or Word or just need some tips to help you become more proficient? We offer training plans to fit every budget and proficiency level.
  • Computer and Peripheral Equipment Purchasing - Do you need a quick fix for something that crashed, a whole new office, or just something more scalable than your current solution? Or maybe you just need someone you can call when you need unbiased technology purchasing advice. Either way, we are here to help.
  • Web site design, creation, hosting and maintenance - Currently, in-house development and other web work is not something we offer, however, we have some really great partners we'd love to recommend. Just ask!
  • Have other requests not listed here? Just contact us. We do custom work all the time and we'd love to help you.